Sunday, January 31, 2016

worms-1 mono-0

Worms 1 Mono 0


There is currently a surge of recognition that chronic epstein barr virus infection is responsible for a lot of inflammatory conditions that can affect our health.  When you think of inflammatory conditions you want to think of those condition that physically create pain or swelling or emotionally create things like anxiety or depression.


This is a virus that we are all exposed to, usually in childhood.  There is one big problem with the way our bodies are exposed to this virus in the developed world.  The problem is the absence of chronic worm infections.  Our bodies are actually expecting the presence of parasites in our body, because it has been that way since we developed bodies.  This is the first century in the history of human kind that our human bodies have not carried a chronic parasitic presence.


The affect of this worm deficiency is that our immune system becomes like the school yard bully that never met their match.  Our immune system reacts to everything and anything with an unnecessary, ineffective and self destructive reaction.


You see this epstein barr virus is very smart, that is because it has a little advantage on us because it is a hundred million years older than we are.  What it does is wait for the body to attack it, and then it uses that attack to reproduce.  If our immune system did not attack then we could not be harmed by the virus.  It is our over aggressive immune system, the bully, that is the problem, not the virus.  And of course the more over aggressive your immune system is the more problems you will have with this virus.  To know how much of a problem it will be the only need it to look around you.  Look at your siblings, parents and other relatives.  The more inflammation and autoimmune disease there is in the family, the bigger problem the immune system is for you.


Some people have an immune system that has a very powerful engine.  These people come from environments where the immune system expected to do a lot of work.  Another way to say this is that the immune system truck was pulling its load of work uphill.  That was great when the environment required that kind of work to keep our system in balance.  Now in a modern society we have the opposite problem.  The immune system we have does not have to fight uphill anymore, in fact our modern immune system is now facing downhill.  Not only are we…not fighting parasites we once did, it is very difficult to actually get a parasitic infection.  Once you put on shoes and filter your water there is very little chance of getting parasites.  Not surprisingly the first stories we read about something that looks like the modern immune disorders that we see, somethings like celiac, acne, arthritis, crohns, colitis etc, is back in ancient rome.  The first people to systematically wear sandals and basically have the modern equivalent of filtered water by using the aqueduct system.  They were the first people to make themselves worm deficient, and they developed the autoimmune disorders to show for it.


When we talk about worms people get anxious.  I can understand that because it took me a while to figure out how to apply the information I learned also.  It took me a few months to really reflect about how worms can effect the body.  There comes a point when you decide that you have felt a certain way long enough, we say bad enough for long enough, and you are ready to try something different.  That is the way it was with worm therapy, at least that’s the way it is for me.  I was willing to take a chance and see how the worms would affect my body.  Most of my motivation was because understanding the way worms can affect the body was helping me answer a question that I had in my mind for twenty years of practice.   My question was pretty straight forward…why do some people get better and some people stay sick and don’t improve.


Now I can understand that a big part of what determines whether someone gets better or not when they are getting treated is how willing their immune system is to give up the inflammatory process.  In most people we were successful in practice because their body could be convinced to down regulate the inflammation.  But in many patients their genetics has their system programed to continue inflammation at all costs.  My own body is like that, and all of my siblings have autoimmune disease so you can see it is part of how our genetics, how our dna is programmed to function.


At some point in the not too distant past we must have had a genetic advantage to having an immune system that was constantly on and constantly fighting.  Of course that changed into a disadvantage when the hygenics of modern society created an environment with no enemies to fight.  Just because our body could not find its old enemy, parasitic worms, does not mean it was going to stop fighting.  Maybe it was the least attractive bacteria in our intestines, maybe it was something as simple as dust.  It didn’t really matter, the immune system bully was going to pick a fight wherever it found one.  And often if the system was aggressive enough, and you removed something like a food, then it would move onto another food.  Kind of like the patient that comes into the practice having eliminated every food until they are finally on the rice and water diet, but now even that is giving them a problem.


So my own experience with hookworm began a few months ago, and from the beginning I could see that this therapy had the power to change the way my body was working.  Within a few days I had the experience known as hookworm euphoria.  There is no scientific explanation for what I experienced, but I wonder if its not the hookworms way of getting you to come back to the same place that you originally caught them.  These hookworms are   not new to the game of understanding how to manipulate the human nervous system.  The hookworm is an ancient organism that is a universally represented in relationship with the world’s mammals.   We are just another mammal in another relationship with worms.  Which is a long way of saying that these worms understand at a immunological and chemical level how to interact with and manipulate our nervous system and our immune system.


Since having hookworms for a few months I have learned a whole new hookworm language.  We don’t get infected when we take hookworms,,, we “host” our hookworms.  And like good hosts one of our biggest goals is not to kill our guests.   One thing we often find ourselves saying is “is that worm friendly”.  Meaning is this thing I am about to take going to hurt my hookworm population.  Sure it’s a strange thing to worry about, our ancestors didn’t need to worry about this because they had tons of worms and were always getting reinfected.  So what was the big deal if you killed or a few worms by taking some herbs.


This is why many of the old time therapies there were so effective don’t work today.  I include western and eastern traditional herbal medicines in this category.  Herbs and other medicines from centuries ago that worked because they decreased an excess worm population that was stressing our immune system don’t work now because it is not the same problem it is a completely opposite problem.  We have gone from an over burdened immune system to an excessively active immune system.  The old time herbal only work sometimes because people can have an overburdened immune system still because of overgrowth of yeast or pathogenic bacteria.  But in general today we are dealing with a unique problem over the last century of an over active immune system with no brakes.


Thats why the medicines that work now are usually the ones that have been developed in the last century.  We know Tylenol can decrease a fever, and we know prednisone can calm inflammation, and all the anti inflammatories our medical system has gone through the years, and we know these medicines work by suppressing inflammation.  Even the highly addictive drugs that people become addicted to are functioning through the opioid system which is anti-inflammatory. These medicines work by  suppressing the immune system.  The only way that could be helpful to our body is if our illnesses are being created by an over active immune system.


So the way we treat an immune system that is being a bully is to bring in a bigger bully.  My experience a few months into being a worm host is that there has been a profound change in the way my immune and hormonal system is working much differently then it used to, and given all of the autoimmune disease in my family I think that must be a good a good thing.  Time will tell how we can expect worms to work with a variety of conditions but the cases I have seen so far tell me there is tremendous potential for severe autoimmune, or what we would call hyperimmune disease.  The kind of condition I have spent my whole life living with.  It is exciting and inspiring to know that so many potential cures are waiting for us to discover.  By gaining a deeper understanding into our relationship with our natural inhabitants we have the potential to dial in a combination that seemed impossible to unlock.