Monday, January 2, 2017

Complement Allergy Testing

Without a doubt food allergy testing has been the most important piece of curing illness in my 21 years of practice. This is interesting to my because for the first years of practice I did no allergy testing at all, I didn't believe in it.

Now I know the reason for that is that we were only testing the immediate food allergens. These were the food allergies that occurred within a few hours, maybe a day, of the person eating the food.

Often with this testing you are telling someone what they know allready, or would figure out soon. This changed when we were able to test the hidden good allergens that could occur days or weeks later. These two are called the IgG and IgA part of the immune system.

Recently I am using a new test that test a different part of the immune system. The part we have been testing up to this point is called the adaptive immune system. Adaptive quite simply because it has the ability to adapt and make new antibodies to different threats.

The new test check for the innate immune system. The innate system works through a different system. The innate allergy response is triggered by the interaction of the foods with your mucus membranes in your intestines. This level of immune defense is twice as old in nature as the adaptive immune defense.

The innate immune reaction exists in organisms as simple as fungi and yeast. It is the way the first cells tried to figure out if what they were contacting was a sources of food, a threat or predator, or even a part of themselves. This system is hard wired, what we react to or don't is at the level of the cell. It all happens right there is no programming done by the immune system. This cannot be changed by food avoidence.

We have been seeing very good results when we add the innate immune responses (also called complementary immune protocol). Very often we find a food that is causing problems that we did not know about. When this foods are removed we often see the progress accelerate.

As long as you are feeding the in inflammatory cycles it will be difficult if not impossible to heal your body. Not only will your body stay inflammed but your thinking will be affected. The chemicals that create inflammation also function as neurotransmitter, that is they look like chemical signals to the brain. They can throw off the way the brain is working.

One of the ways that we notice that we are in an inflammation state is the symptoms we call anxiety and depression. So many people live with these emotional symptoms and don't recognize that they could be caused by a food allergy where antibodies are being created or an innate food reaction.

I think that the important thing is that by addressing these problems there seems to be very few things that can't be greatly helped or even cured.

One thing I like to do in pratice is really pick that one thing you can change that makes the minimum amout of changes to a person's life. I remember hearing a lot about examinine a patients life style when I was a student. I never agreed with it because I never felt that I would know enought to tell someone how to live. I always felt it was my job to make the minimum amount of changes and respect a person's belief system.

I think that the more you understand a case the less you need to do. That is why I like when the allergy test comes in and we only change one or two things and we see great improvement in a case. I remember there was an 80 year old woman that had come in with 20 years of colitis. She tested positive to eggs as a food allergen. She gave up eggs and when I saw her two weeks later she had gone to the bathroom normally for the first time in 20 years.

There are not that many conditions I have not seen respond to a dietary change and a supplement that focuses very specifically on the condition and things seem to improve rapidly. Of course there are always those cases that don't resond for some reason. Those are the things that I spend most of my life thinking about. Cases are like one of those three dimensional dot paintings, sometimes if you keep looking the answer pops out.

Those are the cases that keep pushing me to learn more and look at everything differently. Worst of all is the occasional case, usually my kids, were I feel everything should work but don't get the results that I am looking for. I am grateful that they continue to teach me. Everyone in my family has some autoimmune illness so it's not a surprise that I would face challenges with my own kids. A lot of what I have learned I will review at my yearly breakthroughs in natural medicine talk in January.