Monday, March 13, 2017

New Age Medicine, a Return to the Middle Ages.

There is one thing that I really like about conventional medicine. At its best conventional medicine does not blame the patient for their disease. If someone is sick it is because they have a bug, toxin, or a weird gene. It is not because they have some bad karma or because they ate hormone filled meat or because they ate some gmo soy or corn.

Not that I am a fan of gmo, hormones, or bad karma. I just don't think they cause disease. The reason I know this is because there are a lot of people eating hormone filled meats, eating gmo, thinking and doing bad or negative things, that don't have disease.

On the other hand there are people that try and do all the right things that get sick in spite of or even worse than that, they get sick because of the changes they tried to make.

Trying to medically connect people that have symptoms, and how they look and behave, with their illness is a very slippery slope. Practitioners are always falling into the trap of seeing an illness and associating something about the person with that condition. And we do this for a very understandable reason. The symptoms people have are most often hidden, subtle and internal to the person.

However what is most obvious to us as human beings are not the symptoms but the person. The skin, the eyes, the hair, the shape and balance of the body. Almost as obvious are the mood, the personality and the temperament of the person. These are signs that human beings are very good at looking for and detecting.

So even though close examination of the research shows that there is no particular type for any disease or symptom, practitioners still talk about a cancer type, arthritis type, autoimmune type, etc. It is not just modern practitioners that do this, these mistake were made for thousands of years in chinese and indian medicine.

Conventional doctors are not immune from this self deception, being human, but natural and alternative practitioners are especially guilty of this pattern. Even though the attitude as a cause of disease has been disproven in the largest and most accurate studies, natural practitioners, naturopathic doctors and physicians of all sorts continue to promote this belief system.

This attitude can be summarized as a belief that a person is sick because there is something wrong with them. Wrong with their attitudes, beliefs or motivation. In ancient times past it was believed some people were sick because they were bad people. I don't think the new age healing movement has an attitude that is that different than what we believed in the middle ages.

Honestly have been treated by many natural practitioners through the years I can tell you that not one told me the condition was not my fault. They wasted my time telling me a lot of other things, but not that. I can still remember the day when a doctor asked if I was stressed when I came in for my colitis as a first year medical student for treatment of my colitis. Of course I was stressed, I had colitis.

I have had the chance to see a lot of righteous belief systems about health imposed by natural doctors. Various beliefs about fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, chicken, beans, etc, etc. Most of them turn out to be more personal philosophy then medicine. More of a belief system than information based on a study.

Things like, you shouldn't eat animals. Why? Animals are delicious. Or like, you should eat vegetables. Why? Vegetables are poison. Or like, you should eat more fruit. Why? Fruit has a high amount of fructose that many people with a saxon ancestry (most of us) can't digest. Or like, gluten is bad. Why, more calories come from wheat than ever before and we are living longer than ever before. Or like, a mediterranean diet is best. Why, a nordic diet is proven to have just as many advantages. Any belief system about diet is easy to dismantle from my perspective because I have seen every diet hurt and help.

These are observations any naturopathic doctor could make. And yet we hear more from the righteous health warriors than the people with experience to call them out on their close minded belief systems. I want every client to be able to eat every thing. Sometimes we need to stop foods that may be aggravating the case, the same way you need to stop a car to fix a flat. But limiting a person in any way, including diet, is not healing. Healing is freedom from limitations and restrictions.

So if the man, woman or kid next store can eat gluten, eggs, dairy or fast food without problems, the highest goal for me as a naturopathic doctor is to help the people I work with get to the same level of health. That will never be achieved by doctors dedicated to limiting their patients lives rather than strengthening them to live the lives and eat the foods they choose.