Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Treatment of Autoimmune Disease with Hookworms

I want you to know about hookworms because they can make a giant  improvement in your health if you have autoimmune disease.  Let me tell you a little bit about how I discovered and started using hookworms.  I did not start using them because I was looking for something new to do.  I was at that point 20 years into practice in naturopathic medicine.  In short, in natural medicine we try and use the safest medicines first.  So, I was well experienced in homeopathy, herbs and nutrition.  For me, these tools had worked very well with the vast majority of my patients.  People were happy and my practice was filled by personal referrals. A few years ago my son got mono in 11th grade.  Unlike recovering like most other kids do, he got a condition called fulminant mono.  Instead of the usual few weeks of fatigue, fulminant mono can lead to organ failure and death.  None of my natural medicine tools worked to cure the case and conventional medicine had nothing to offer.  My son had become very sick. Even thought is was the mono virus that triggered his reaction his autoimmune story is not unique. At one point we are relatively normal and then a bacteria, virus, emotional or physical stress activates our immune system and it doesn’t shut down, attacking everything including our own body. Raising my son, we did everything right from a natural medicine standpoint. He wasn’t vaccinated because a vaccine in the marine corps is what triggered my own autoimmune disease.  He didn’t eat any GMO or processed foods.  His diet was largely organic and whole food.  He avoided his food allergens and ate the best diet for his blood type. We were well rewarded for our efforts because our son was a beautiful, smart, personable, healthy and athletic 16 year old, a complete pleasure. Now that body we had worked to protect was attacking itself. I did everything right for my son to be healthy based on years of medical school and experience working with children’s health, but there was still something about his body that was not working properly. The mono virus had turned his immune system on full power and there was no way to shut it down.  Autoimmune conditions are not new to my family, we all have had autoimmune diseases, and they were always managed with natural medicine. Now I needed to know why we have them and especially how to fix them, more than ever. My son had an acute type of autoimmune disease, not the chronic type of autoimmune diseases like my siblings and I had, such as crohn's disease, colitis, multiple sclerosis, hashimoto's thyroiditis, and diabetes.               So I began to do a little research for my son (just a little) and I came across an article that discussed the parasites that were present in the stool of vikings. I have a viking ancestry that goes back to an ancient king of Norway.  Naturally, my son also had these genes. The article talked about how viking stool (poo) had the highest concentration of hookworms eggs that they had found, but how could this be?  Vikings were described by both Persian and Roman historians to be the most beautiful, vigorous, and hearty people of the time.  How could these worm infected vikings be so healthy that they were feared throughout the world?  Aren't hookworms considered parasites? And aren’t parasites bad for you? A Persian writer a thousand years ago wrote about how disgusting the vikings were.  They would basically share a big bowl of water and bathe, blow their nose, drink, etc., all from the same bowl. This Persian sense of disgust was simply their body’s way of telling them that the Persians would get sick with similar behavior. The vikings had no such fear because of their very strong immune systems. This was the same immune system that allowed them to go around the world as invaders and traders.  Most Anglo people around the world share genes with this small group of amazing vikings. The vast majority of people with autoimmune disease share these genes. We also share the highly aggressive immune systems that allowed them to be successful. Why are Vikings sick today? The ate food, we eat food. They had bacteria, we have bacteria. They had worms, we don’t have worms! Was the difference in autoimmunity due to the fact that the vikings had hookworms and we do not. Since none of the natural or conventional medicines had worked for my son, I found some hookworms and took some. I had to do something and I needed to experiment on myself first. I had nothing to loose in my eyes.  My son was very sick and not getting better. The years of expertise in natural medicine that I had from helping thousands of people was not working for me. His immune system was a Ferrari going 150 miles per hour down the highway without brakes. My hookworms came, I put them on a bandaid, and applied them to my skin.  My reaction was immediate and intense. Any feeling of stress that I felt went away- completely.  Obviously, I was stressed from my son being sick, but I also had other normals stresses; and they all went away too.  I could look at the same situation, And I could not feel stressed about it. Then a bit later something really strange happened. I was washing my dishes an hour or so later, with the window open in front of me.  I heard a sound like a helicopter come over the house.  I looked out and it was a blue bird taking of and flying away. Strange...I know. I honestly don't know what to make of it, but it was my first day without inflammation in 30 years. At 9pm I could not stay awake and fell fast asleep. At 6am, I was wide awake and went for a run, and then went to the gym.  I had not been enjoying the gym for years because I would get so stiff and inflammatory after a workout. But in the afternoon, I felt like going to the gym again. Except for a handful of days, I go to the gym twice a day since my hookworms a few years ago. Once I was satisfied with my own experiment, I gave hookworms to my son. The next time I next tested him in the lab for his inflammation level, his CRP (a lab test for inflammation) had gone from extremely elevated to normal.  His health has continued to improve since that day. Since all of my siblings have autoimmune disease, they eventually began hookworms as well. When my sister had an aggravation of her multiple sclerosis I gave her hookworms and her symptoms completely resolved. Keep in mind she had been treated with other natural medicines to keep her symptom free for years, and the hookworms still made a difference. Hookworms seem to have multiple effects on the Anglo body. One aspect of hookworms is that they release a chemical similar to prednisone, however, they release only and exactly the amount that you need to the molecule. You and the worms have a goal in common, and that is to keep your inflammation low. Every mammal has a hookworm population, every primate has a hookworm population, and until a few generations ago every human. In the last few generations humans, as a group,  have done their own experiment. What happens to the highly aggressive immune system of humans when you take their hookworms away? The results of this experiment are pretty dramatic and clear cut, and the answer is that there is an epidemic of autoimmune disease and cancer that is getting worse, not better. Hookworms are applied to the skin and find their way to the intestine. In the intestine, they grow to about half an inch long and are as wide as a few hairs. They live in one small section of the small intestine only and nowhere else in the body. They can live as long as a person lives. It is important to remember that hookworms are only successful in reproducing if you are well.  If anything happens to you that line of hookworms will die off. In nature, human beings get their hookworms around six months old. These children are born to mothers with hookworms. Studies and a simple look at where autoimmune disease exists show us that children born to mothers with hookworms do not develop autoimmune diseases and allergies. Recently, a study was done in Australia where 12 patients with a gluten allergy were given hookworms to cure their autoimmune disease.  All were cured in a year of their celiac disease and given the options to kill off their hookworms. At the end of the study, none of the study subjects allowed their hookworms to be killed off; they all opted to keep hookworms. They felt so much freedom from being able to eat a food that previously gave them severe reactions. I cured many cases with the elimination of food allergens, but there are a few downsides to that approach. When we avoid a food, we tell our body that this food is rare and therefore we should binge and eat a lot of it when it is available. If blueberries only come out for a week, then it makes sense to consume as much as possible. We put people in a craving state when we make them eliminate their food. Another problem with elimination diets is that it creates a feeling a separateness from others. Eating at a special lunch table, or not participating completely in holiday meals can create a feeling of isolation.  Remember, one of the ways that various groups of people separate themselves is by dietary restrictions. The last and important point about food allergies is that restricting a food group may create a nutritional deficiency. Of course, if the only option was eating your food allergen or having symptoms, then you need to stop the food allergen. Hookworms give us the option of keeping all of the foods, but changing the bodies reactions to the foods. One of the ways the body does this is by raising the mucus level in the intestine.  Just like a high tide keeps the boats from hitting the rocks, increasing the mucus level in the intestine stops the allergic food protein from triggering the immune system. Rather than being a parasite hookworms are more like a symbiotic organism. Where a parasite takes from you a symbiotic organism works with you for the mutual benefit of both organisms. Every mammal has a hookworm population, every primate has a hookworm populations, and every human-being, up to a few generations ago, had a hookworm populations. Under inflammatory states hookworms release a chemical that works exactly like prednisone. However, unlike the massive doses of drugs that create side effects, hookworms release anti-inflammatory chemicals molecule by molecule. The worms rely on you to be healthy so they can make their eggs. If you are not well, are sick, or are dead those worms are gone from the face of the earth. As long as you get the right worms then you are dealing with a species whose sole purpose in life is to make you healthy and happy. This is why it is so important to know exactly what worms you are getting. All hookworms look the same under the microscope, but there are two major species.  We call them the wolf worm (necator duodenale) and the dog worm (necator americanus). Just like wolves and dogs, they might look the same as puppies, but the behavior they show when they grow up is very different. When you look at letters and pictures on the old interwebs about hookworms then you are seeing wolf worm reactions. It doesn’t make sense to use a worm that you do not know what it is or where it came from. I will never understand why people will use worms that have do not have a DNA linage analysis. And even if you know you are getting the dog worm, it is important to know whether you are getting pitbulls or poodles. Just like getting a pet for your home, you want the breed that is most compatible with humans and domesticated to behave well and benefit your system, and not turn around to bite you. When you do your research, just remember that most aggravations are from people who do not correctly identify the worms they are working with, and therefore end up using the wrong worms. It is very interesting to see how each person reacts to a dose of worms. It is almost as if each person’s case is like the layers of cake.  In some cases, people will feel an emotional change first. Most commonly what is described is the elimination of anxiety, but there are a fair number of cases that come in and talk about how their physical healing was accelerated. One professional athlete patient had a strained and painful thigh muscle injury for six months when he finally decided to do the worms. A week after the worms, he told me he was completely healed. Even I noticed this reaction in myself. When I was inflammatory, and injured myself in the gym, I knew I was in for six months of babying the injury. Not only do I not get those injuries any more, but if I do, then I know I just need a good night of sleep and I will be recovered. It is the strangest feeling, and I know it is probably something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. Sometimes the idea of hookworms seems strange to people. Yet, these same people would not think twice if they needed a titanium rod to heal a fracture, or if they needed to take a probiotic after an antibiotic treatment. Hookworm populations are common in other mammal and primate species like monkeys and gorillas. In fact, in primates the presence of hookworms allows for and facilitates a higher testosterone level; it is one of the ways that hookworms help us.  In humans, hookworms were common until a few generations ago. We have done several things in modern society that eliminate the chance of getting hookworms. The highest concentrations of hookworms are found in ancient viking camp sites. These people had a powerful immune system but also a powerful organ for stopping the immune system. That powerful organ is called hookworms. Hookworms, when they are applied, are not even visible to the naked eye; they are microscopic. They go on a bandage that is applied to the foot or upper arm. I put it on my foot because I think it more naturally mimics how the hookworms are transmitted in nature. In nature, the hookworms are transmitted when poo (night soil) is used to fertilize crops. The hookworms mature in the soil and then when people walk in the soil to tend the crops, they get infected with hookworms. This cycle would continue for thousands of years. Babies would get worms by 6 months old so that they were resistant to allergies and inflammation early on in their life. Pregnant women would have worms and that would make sure that the baby was not allergic when it was born.   The worms, when they make contact with the skin, create a keratin tube that allows them to move through skin and into the circulation.  That is the part that itches. Through the circulation they make contact with the lung tissue and work their way through. Then, the wave motion of the cilia carry the larva up the trachea until they hit the epiglottis at the top of the windpipe. That "flip-flop" cover (epiglottis) is designed perfectly for the transmission of worms to the esophagus or the food pipe. They go right down the intestine until they hit the right environment for them. That environment is a small subsection of the of the small intestine.  They can't live anywhere else in the body. Hookworms are the best option for regulating the immune system if you want to use helminths (worms) to do so. They can not reproduce in the human body. If you get twenty hookworms on your skin you will only ever have twenty hookworms in your intestine. The Australian research showed that everyone has there own natural set point or set amount of hookworms that is right for their body. Each of the three researchers took 50 hookworms. After a few months, they examined themselves and found that they all had the amount of hookworms that they started with. So it seems that our bodies have a set point for worms just like they have a natural set point for the amount of bacteria. I turned to hookworms when all of my other tools did not work. That includes tools like homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, and also conventional medicines like prednisone, antibiotics, and antivirals. None of those tools worked for my son's autoimmune reaction to mono because they were not able to control his immune system. It required a live organism that wanted to control the inflammation to stop the autoimmune reaction. Now that he is three years on his worms, he has the added benefit of being freed from food allergies. Spending years having an autoimmune disease and then treating these diseases in thousands of people- I feel really grateful to have a found the miraculous medicine called hookworms. There is no doubt that natural medicines like homeopathy and herbs work, but my experience is that they work in cases whose immune system is natural wants to be brought back into balance and a calm state. When you have autoimmune genes, like me and my son's, there is no natural or conventional medicine that will cure the case. Because the natural set point for our immune system is highly aggressive and nothing can change that. Restoring us to normal, just means we will continue to be inflammatory and reactive, for us that is out normal baseline. If you fix a furnace and make it run properly you still have a furnace.  I think the best metaphor is that of a nuclear reactor. The reactor melts down because there is no water to cool it down. There is nothing wrong with the reactor per se. The problem is not our immune system, we have the strongest immune systems. It is the absence of immune control.  It seems that hookworms are the infinite cooling system that those of us born with immune nuclear reactors need. Seeing patients for a few years now that have chosen to use hookworms to correct their health problems I continue to be amazed by their progress. It seems as if hookworms take over the roll of general contractor. If they do not like a bacteria in your system the get rid of it. If they want want build up another bacteria they will make you crave the foods that encourage its growth. They seem to have a strong ability to regulate the pituitary gland and change our hormone balance. Hookworms have made even the most difficult cases a fun to investigate again. I do see times where experience being a doctor and using the natural and conventional medicines is key to making the hookworm treatment successful. Remember we are trying to remodel a system that tends to want to go our of balance so obviously the more expertise the better. Support is key to make the hookworm transition successful.